Catch up

08-Dec-2013 R n J Travel –

Our time in UK passed quickly. Rick and I tried to keep occupied, so we did some day trips from Clare. One to a place called Castle Acre, where there is an old castle ruin (like Castle Rising Catherine!), and a lovely old priory, in a very peaceful field. Then we went to visit Norwich cathedral, survived the terrible traffic, parked illegally, went to the cathedral, and a guide called Nigel took the 2 of us on an abbreviated tour, it was excellent, and he was charming. The cathedral is very impressive and majestic, and the cloisters excellent. Norwich has much charm in the old centre, if you can get to it. We didn’t get a parking ticket.

We also visited a friend Jonathan, now retired (through ill health) solicitor, at his home about an hour from Alastair’s, and that was delightful. He has 5 kids, 2 twin girls both living in Christchurch NZ with their kiwi partners, Buffy who has been admitted to the New York school for acting in film, on a scholarship, Amy who is very musical and dances, and Ben, doing end of school. You should see their house, no spare surfaces with such busy lives, despite the huge house. In the getting there and returning we saw many lovely little Suffolk villages with the thatched roof houses.

We spent a day with Paul and Cara, another lot of friends, went to Mersea for the day, to walk their dogs, Cinque and Boo, on the pebbly beach at low tide, and then to have cooked seafood lunch in the new seafood restaurant there. It was a lovely day, despite the cold weather.

We had lots of time with Mother Tuffill (almost 90), who looks really well, and has 4 carer visits per day to keep her under control, as she is forgetful at times, almost blind and quite deaf. We also had time with Countess Helen, Woolfy’s mother, who is a character indeed.

On our last day we had them to Sunday lunch, as well as Alastair’s cousin Louise and her husband Peter, whom we get on really well with, both retired from law careers.

To London, and caught up with Ian and Sarah again, for chinese dinner in Knightsbridge. They have decided to get married next year, after all this time. Then we spent 2 days with Rick and Rosie, who are so down to earth, it felt like things were back to normal, after the chaos of the Tuffill household.

To Lyon, France, and we have walked at least 6 hours per day for 2 days, now foot sore and weary. We have had lovely food, and have explored efficiently, especially on Friday, before the massive crowds arrived for the Fete des Lumieres (light festival) today. It was a clear blue sky here today, and 3 degrees! There is snow on the hills around Lyon.

We have one more day in Lyon, then get on the train to Paris, to catch the flight to Dubai Monday night. Home on Friday, then back to reality….