Woopi waffle

Hello family


You will all be pleased to know that we have SUNSHINE today.  M and I went down the street, met up with Cec & Merilyn and had coffee and profitjes – mistake 1 – no maple syrup.  Next outing we’ll get the maple syrup, or perhaps lemon juice.

We’ve completed a few tasks over the last few days while we were housebound due to the heavy rain … cleaned, sorted, disposed of items in the laundry cupboards – 3 cupboards all up;  we’ve cleaned the exhaust fans in the bathrooms;  swept the worms away from the breezeway – tip 1 – don’t leave worms to dehydrate on the carport tiles;   we’ve done a bit of a sort and delete in M’s email boxes;  we’ve rearranged and hung the odd picture on the walls;   yesterday we cooked a Pambo frittata (personal recipe – call me if you would like it);  the day before we cooked a chicken casserole using a real chicken stock which really made it delicious.  We still have some chicken stock left so another gastronomic delight will be created  tonight from the Diabeties magazine.

You’ll have to wait for the next blog for a report on that.  M’s off for an afternoon siesta.    I’m off to Grafton tomorrow to see Daphie and Lynie.   I’m going up with Marge who is going to head off to visit a friend.
Adios amigos

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