East Tassie to Launceston then Devonport – final days

Better late than never.

Friday 13 Nov – very comfy night at the Tidal Waters Resort, we’re all dry now, with the sun shining we left St Helens and headed towards Launceston via some winding roads.  We stopped for fuel and a coffee in a little town called Cornwall and struck up a conversation with a local who happened to be the nephew of a fellow we know very well in Melbourne also a motorcyclist and a member of the Ducati club.  Amazing!  He took photos of our bikes and sent to his uncle.

Beautiful scenery along the way and it was really enjoyable riding through the Tamar Valley, very green and lush.  We stopped for lunch at a very pretty village called Evandale which was just like stepping into an English village and enjoyed the best toasted sandwich and a coffee.  We arrived into Launceston mid afternoon and found our way to our accommodation near the River Esk called the Penny Royal Hotel.   It was beautiful and warm and we wandered around Launceston for a couple of hours taking a cider or beer here and there.  Near our Hotel we came across a very well manicured Croquet Club.  We found a seafood place to have dinner but couldn’t get a table till 8pm so we sat at pub over looking the river till it was time to eat.

Launceston Croquet Club

Saturday 14 Nov – our last day.  We left Launceston and headed in a circuitous route towards Devonport.  We didn’t have to arrive at the Spirit dock until 5.30pm so we meandered through the Tamar Valley stopping here and there for coffee and or food.   We rode up the left bank of the Tamar River to Beaconsfield and Beauty Point, returning to Exeter and then across to Devonport.

Beauty Point

Near Beaconsfield

We boarded around 6.30pm, the return journey was uneventful and a calm crossing arriving into Port Melbourne at 6.30am, disembarking at 7.30am, home by 8am.  So there you have it – laps of Tassie complete!

Tassie  everywhere has best colourful hedges along the roads and beautiful flowers.  The roses have the most wonderful perfume and they are growing everywhere.  Lots of Plovers in Tassie and you know they are as silly as the Woolgoolga Plovers nesting in the most risky of places.  There is a Stihl store in jut about every town.  Must mean lots of yard work required.  Sadly lots of  road kill.

Signing off from Tasmania – Pambo and Basil

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