more Woopi waffle

After last night’s stormy weather – must have been the same storm that FNN was enjoying on the GC – you wouldn’t have believed that today could be such a beautiful sunny day.  So with the sun out and the A3 ready to go (dropped off by R n J during last nights storm) M and I left for Coffs at 10am heading to Homebase.  

We started off looking at mattresses for M’s bed – with no pillow top and slightly lower, as M now has an eggshell foam top of the bed which makes it a bit higher than desirable, and also to be able to turn it over.  What we did find out was that mattresses are no longer designed to be turned over, only made to spin around.  It’s all in the spring design.   In the end the new mattress idea was given the boot.  We then moved on to deep sheet browsing.   Here we had success and now M has a single fitted sheet, plus a sheet set both 40cm depth.  These will be a much better fit and they will go on the bed tomorrow.

After all this we had to stop for a refreshment at La Pizzaria or some such place.  Coffee was good but unfortunately we didn’t choose well as the Barramundi fish cakes and Corn Fritters were definitely not of the highest quality.  Luckily the salad that accompanied them was pretty fresh and tasty.

Moving on, we then browsed at Office Works, Freedom Furniture, Spot Light, BBQ Galore, Clarke Rubber and all the others.  M bought a tray for magazines in one furniture store – as you know she has a box (any container) fettish.  This furniture store is moving up the hill to share space and rent with Morrison’s Electrical & Computer store.

Back on Woolgoolga we went on a bit of a street crawl in the A3 checking out houses and streets we used to know, then up the headland to see if we could spot any whales.  We were hopeful as the parking area on the headland was full.  Alas no whales to be seen.  Returned via Pollock Esplanade and into 13A. 

That’s enough blogging …. M and I need a drink so I bid you all good-day, until the next chapter.


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